A farmhouse in Tuscany: Agriturismo Tesorino, three generations of passion and love for nature

The Tesorino estate is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and the lush nature of Valpiana, which is near the town of Grosseto.

We are a family-run farm in Maremma with a long history rich in tradition, dedication and passion for agriculture and nature, handed down from generation to generation.

Tesorino was the brainchild of Grandfather Alfredo, whose intuition proved crucial for the development of the Estate. His determination revived the farm and brought it back to its ancient splendor. He taught his children and grandchildren to love and appreciate these lands and their products.

A strong desire to preserve natural resources inspires everything we do, and the current owners of the farm, Elena and Umberto, are as committed as Grandfather Alfredo.
In the 1960s, Tesorino began to produce electricity using a water mill, and sixty years later, the Estate is fully eco-sustainable. In 2007, we installed one of the very first solar panel systems in the Grosseto province, followed by two more in 2010. The current system provides energy for all the farming activities of the Estate, as well as for the nine apartments of the agritourism facilities. A solar thermal system provides hot water for the three apartments of the main farmhouse.

Our history: ancient roots that bear new fruits

Our roots

Our long story is made up of people, love and a little good fortune. In 1800, Tesorino was one of the many holdings of the ancient Tesoro farm, which extended over a large area and included several estates. Tesorino always stood out as a meeting point for locals. On holidays, the families of the peasants would gather under the branches of the great holm oak, which dominated the main square for years.

The old Massa-Follonica railway, which was in use until 1944, crossed the fields of the Estate. The trains carried material from the mines, located inland, to the coast, briefly interrupting the peace of the countryside as they clanked along.

The long winter

Tesorino suffered the same fate as many other farms and rural areas: people began to leave the countryside and move to the cities. Just like many other farms, the Estate was gradually abandoned; its fields were left uncultivated and the buildings uncared for. All the life and vitality that once animated Tesorino was gone, until the 1970s, when our family decided to buy it, restore it, and give it a second life.


Brick by brick, hectare after hectare, the history and life of Tesorino farm began again, with renewed passion and respect for its fundamental principles: respect for the land and its products. Soon, the first visitors to the area, who were probably only passersby, were intrigued and began asking to stop at Tesorino and spend a few days there, which then became entire holidays. This is how Tesorino – one of the very first agritourism in the area – was born.


Today, Elena Neri, who grew up on the farm, takes care of the over 5.000 olive trees scattered across the estate. Elena is a certified agronomist and official olive oil taster who also organizes Tesorino olive oil tasting tours for Tesorino guests and external visitors. The farm also produces Sangiovese and Merlot wine. Tesorino is part of the Road of Wine and Flavours of Massa Marittima, one of the oldest wine roads of the Tuscan Maremma.

Our way of being, our farmhouse in Tuscany

Eco-sustainability and our “home-from-home” philosophy make Tesorino a unique agritourism in Maremma. To us, farming is much more than a business, it’s a lifestyle, a way to renew the strong bond with nature that our ancestors had and to preserve this wholesome and peaceful oasis.

Tesorino has a unique cultural and farming heritage, which we love to share with those who decide to stay with us. Our offer includes many services: a swimming pool, bicycles, olive grove tours and tastings.
Agriturismo Tesorino, a great way to discover Maremma and enjoy its beautiful land, people and culture.