Agriturismo Tesorino:
a Tuscany farmhouse with three generations of nature and passion

Immersed in the green heart of Valpiana, in the county of Grosseto, and surrounded by olive tree groves and vineyards.

Agriturismo Tesorino is a family-run farmhouse located in Tuscany, and as matter of luck it has a long story to tell; starting from its origins, in a time when tradition, passion for agriculture and a strong care for nature bagan to intertwine and got passed through generations.

Our farmhouse was born from the will and foresight of grandpa Alfredo, who knew how to take care of the estate and how to bring it to new life in all its ancient splendor and who taught  his children and grandchildren the value of the earth and the fruits it brings.  
Carefulness towards the natural resources it’s always been the constant inspiration for everything we do, to this day when the farmhouse lives under the lead of Elena and Umberto.

Want an example? Up until the 60’ electricity was generated by a watermill and even now Tesorino is completely eco-friendly: in 2007 we installed one of the first photovoltaic systems in the whole  Grosseto county, to which another two have been added in 2010 in order to provide energy for all the agricultural activities and the 9 apartments of the Agriturismo. A solar power plant is used to heat the water of the three accommodations in the Master House.

Our story: ancient roots and new fruits

Our roots

Our story is made of people, love and a sprinkle of serendipity, and its roots run deep in time.

It was 1800, back then Tesorino was just one of many estates belonging to the ancient Tesoro farm, that extended over a vast area and embraced various estates. Tesorino used to stand out among the others because it served as the gathering point for the people who lived in the surroundings: during feast days it was easy to see whole families of farmers gather under the branches of the big holly oak that stood towering in the middle of the courtyard.
The old railway on the line Massa-Follonica, that had been working until 1944, used to run across the fields, carrying mining products from the hinterland to the coast and interrupting the sounds of the countryside with its clanking.

The long winter

Then the hard times came when people started to flee the countryside and went to the cities leaving Tesorino, and the other farms alike, in a state of neglect and abandonment: fields were now uncultivated and the buildings in decay. No trace was left of the past vitality. Until the 70’, when our family decided to buy it and restore it to new life.

The rebirth

And so, brick upon brick, hectare by hectare, the story of Tesorino Farm saw a new beginning: always loyal to its essential principles, like respect for the earth and its resources. The very same principles that may have caught the attention of the first tourists who were passing through Grosseto county and started to ask if they may stop by and continue their holidays here. This is how our Agriturismo was born, and it was among the first in this area.

The Blooming

Today Elena Neri, who was raised on the farm, is personally taking care of the more than 5 thousands olive trees that surround the property. Thanks to the fact that she is a specialized agronomist and official olive oil taster, she organizes taste itineraries of Tesorino olive oil, for the guests of the Holiday farm and for visitors as well. In addition to the production of olive oil we must also mention Tesorino wine, which is being produced here too. As a matter of fact the farm is part of the Strada del vino e dei sapori di Massa Marittima association, one of the main wine routes of tuscan Maremma, since the day it was created.

Our way to be a farmhouse in Tuscany

Eco sustainability and a family attitude make Agriturismo Tesorino a distinguished holiday farmhouse in Tuscany. To us agriculture is not only a business, it’s a real life style, a way to renovate that bonding connection with nature, made tighter by our ancestors, a connection which still allows us to live in a green oasis, peaceful and healthy.
A cultural and agronomic heritage that we like to pass on also to those who decide to be our guests.

To them we aim our services: from the swimming pool, to the bikes, to the tasting and the itineraries among the groves. This way a holiday can also become a chance for discovery and sharing, in harmony with everything that surrounds us.